The Treasure

   I look into the mirror and wonder at what I behold, the flesh, the form, the vessel for a living soul.  I wonder at the potential, I wonder at what is hid within, I am in awe of the capacity to follow God and the capacity to live in sin.  A wicked heart indeed, dwells within this man I see, but this man has met Christ and can also see something Holy.  To know who we are in Christ, oh what a treasure without value what can compare? To the glory found before the Father, when in the mirror all we will see is brokenness and despair.  I am in Christ and Christ is being formed within, restoring a sanctified image, removing all my sin.  To know who you are in Christ, oh how I desire for more to see.  How the wretch seen within the mirror can stand before God pure and free.  Lord help us see clearly through the mirror written upon Your pages, that transcend time and reveal truth to all the ages.  The truth of who we are, the truth of who you desire us to accept in faith and see, the truth that we are presented before the Lord of Lords, The great I AM as precious Sons and daughters, perfect, clean and Holy.

Come now to Christ, oh seeker come to the Father taste and see. The Lord is full of grace and extends his hand in mercy.  Know who you are today, look beyond the image within the mirror, for it is nothing but an illusion devised by Satan made by insecurity and fear.  Know who you can be in Christ seek and you will truly find, the new man beyond the cross with a living soul and a renewed mind.



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