Receive him as Myself: Grace on Display

There is the one that wronged you a season and some time ago

The offence was great and cost you the bitterness inside could only grow

The offender escaped all punishment, his price was never paid

The cost was instead was put upon your shoulders and to this day it is laid

The offence was truly great, forgiveness would be offered at a price

If you ever were to get hold of that offender, no payment would suffice

For the offence was great, the cost was great, and the scars are still in wait to heal

In your mind there is great turmoil as the hunger for retribution is real

So much time has passed and despite this offence you have grown

Learning more and more of our Savior in which His truth in you was sown

A truth that overcomes the many trials and tribulations with many doubts

A good news message that has given you the narrow way among the option of many routes

Great in faith you have become, and your joy is shared and spoken of by our many friends

A love everlasting has been invested and the outpouring of it never ends

How amazing to see your life and how great it has become amidst the past pains

There is now the subject I have to reveal and I ask you to consider in love that never wanes

The offender has become a friend, a brother, a member of my own bone

He being once unprofitable, is now profitable as he has come to knowledge of the great love sent to atone

An offence he truly has committed, its cost still close to your heart

I now ask that the price be removed and receive him as from the start

Not as the one that offended such a time and season ago

But as a brother and friend, a new relationship that will flourish and grow

What I ask and encourage, is nothing short of miraculous and impossible on your part

For the offence has done great damage and has left lasting scars upon your heart

What I ask and encourage, is indeed done outside of what you recognize

It is done through the one that took the greatest of offences and died for all the sin and lies

As Christ took your debts, I will put on myself all of the price that was to be waged

For the hope of seeing this relationship reconciled could not be put into words or rightly gaged

To hold this reconciliation high as a trophy of grace

Oh what a picture of the character of God above and what a pleasant taste

Forgive seven times seventy times as the offence is never too great

For what offence have we to forgive compared to the offence of our life

before Christ who knew no sin could relate

If you count me as a friend, receive him as myself

For in grace there is no offence that could be set aside or put upon memory’s shelf

As far as the east is set away from the west

Accept the offender as it will be to you of great benefit for the best

The heart may never heal the words of offence’s stain may never be removed

But in grace receive this offender; reconcile a relationship that can only be improved

A display of tender mercy, an act performed through the heart of Christ

For what offence can we forgive in our heart as it is ever wicked and vengefully enticed?

For no offence is greater, no offence as great as the one

The offence of unbelief as in our heart we reject God’s only begotten son

But as this great vice is covered by the most precious blood

No vice is without grace flowing from the heart as a flood

In grace all wounds will heal, in grace no words or offences can escape or run

No scars of the heart will go unattended as in grace the struggle is won

In grace you can do much more than what is requested in this plea

For in grace you can deeply love those that have deeply hurt thee

Love thy neighbor as thyself, love the Savior even more

For no offence can separate us, and no offence was left unforgiven or ignored

Receive him as myself, I know this is hard and will take time to rightly ordain

Receive him as myself, for as Christ forgave all your sin, Christ for him was also slain


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