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  • A Lively Hope

    A Lively Hope

    This was such a great study of hope for me personally, it has been several weeks in the making and although my delivery is unpolished this episode truly does unpack something wonderful for our lives. Three parts to hope presented or as I say it the trichotomy of hope is: 1. A person 2. A […]

  • Changing Seasons

    Changing Seasons

    Do not go into a new year without this.

  • Two lions

    Two lions

    Choose your pride carefully as only one cares for your soul.

  • God’s Thoughts are Kind

    I have noticed something growing up in church culture, our perception of God is often skewed. Either by preference, tradition or even scholarship we have a great capacity to misinterpret and miscomunicate who God is to those around us. “(8) For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the […]