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  • A Fruitful Heritage: September in Serbia

    A Fruitful Heritage: September in Serbia

    We all want something that will outlast us. What is the Fruit that remains?

  • A Lively Hope

    A Lively Hope

    This was such a great study of hope for me personally, it has been several weeks in the making and although my delivery is unpolished this episode truly does unpack something wonderful for our lives. Three parts to hope presented or as I say it the trichotomy of hope is: 1. A person 2. A […]

  • Changing Seasons

    Changing Seasons

    Do not go into a new year without this.

  • Two lions

    Two lions

    Choose your pride carefully as only one cares for your soul.

  • Grace


    The value of a soul is priceless, yet its redemption is freely given.

  • Faithful

    1Th 5:24 Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. As a man draws out water from a source he cannot know,  where does the water come from and where will it go? Day in day out the man draws from the cistern that remains ever full, Not once doubting its wealth […]