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  • A Lively Hope

    A Lively Hope

    This was such a great study of hope for me personally, it has been several weeks in the making and although my delivery is unpolished this episode truly does unpack something wonderful for our lives. Three parts to hope presented or as I say it the trichotomy of hope is: 1. A person 2. A…

  • The Spirit of Adoption

    The Spirit of Adoption

    Happy Father’s day, our weekly study led us to be right in theme with the week!

  • The Purity of Salvation: With Stammering Lips Ep 3

    The Purity of Salvation: With Stammering Lips Ep 3

    Salvation is pure and the promises of God are sure. We can trust Christ for our life as He gave His.

  • The Purity of Salvation:Galatians 3 What an amazing time of Study this was and what a privilege to share it now. This time we dive into Soteriology, faith, and foundational truths regarding the gospel of God’s grace. The study works through Galatians 3 and is packed with content at 54 min. So with no more to say with stammering…

  • The Accountability and Conviction of Grace Moving into Chapter 2 of Galatians we discuss the “teeth” of God’s grace and how it can establish boundaries, accountability, and conviction in our life. Also quite relevant for the current issues regarding prejudice. A 54 min listen and as promised a little better diction 🙂 With Stammering Lips may the Grace of God…

  • With Stammering Lips, New podcast

    With Stammering Lips, New podcast

    New podcast to enjoy!

  • Galatians 1: Grace Creates Life Our Intro and movement into the book of Galatians 1. It jumps right into it! in time there will be more structure and improved diction, room to grow and this is just the first of many. Also, it is raw from our home and packed with great points so mind the occasional question and…

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