How long will You stand?

How are the things of Esau searched out! How are his hidden things sought up

For when the kingdom is come unto this earth, not a soul among you will be caught up

Forsaken you will become, for forsaken you have left me first

You will cry in your destruction, but there will be none to attend to your hunger and thirst

For the severity of God, is not to be meddled with or forgot

The great tribulation will come as a desolation to all those who never considered my Son and never gave Him thought

Oh sons of Esau why have you stood in the way as a hindrance for my sons and daughters

For thy violence against Jacob, shame shall cover thee and thou shalt be cut off from the earth and its waters

Not a comfort to enjoy as all will come to pass

Not a voice of repentance when I sent unto you a messenger, the very last

Do not take the call of the Lord or his warning as something light

For we have but a time on this earth and all unrighteous without His blood’s covering will be judged in His sight

For great love is covering and offered to all those who seek to be atoned

Written in the book of life by which by God we will be considered and known

Stand not in the way of sinners; abide with the world no more

For what the world has to offer is coming judgment without a Loving Savior

We all stood before the cross or at least our sin as it was placed into each scar and wound

Of our God and Savior, the Lamb,the Son, by which our separation from above was pruned

No longer apart, no longer standing by the gates of hell

But in between in a battle of angelic conflict given a choice to where our life we will sell

Two kingdoms stand, but one has stood eternally before the fall

The kingdom of a God of grace, that in eternity past took great pleasure in our creation and died for us all

The cross stood before time, and it still stands today

Choose this day whom you will serve and follow his way

Look not upon the children of God as they become strangers, persecuted and in the devil’s destruction

Heed unto the call of the Father that sent the Son providing provision and simple instruction

Confess and believe, turn your mind to the one who has already suffered

For there is but a short time, and an account of unbelief that cannot be buffered

Oh sons of Esau, Those left in the heathens rage

Repent unto the Christ and forever be saved from this age

Be no longer possessed by this present world and look unto the Father that flags of freedom are risen and unfurled

Be a worshipper of Yahweh, the one that redeemed the discord between both sons

Changing the name of Jacob to Israel, you too have a new name with battles already won

Come to me saith the Lord, or forever be set at naught

For small you will become among the heathen and greatly despised objects of my wrath

soon to be taught

Exalting thyself as an eagle, nest set as high as the stars

Pre-occupied with the pleasures of sin, great riches and fast cars

Your sin will not be forgotten unless it be covered and forgiven

By the Son sent to die, but in victory is risen

This is a cry of Obadiah, the believer speaking out to you today

Dwell no longer in the desolation of abomination and embrace Grace and mercy’s way

How long will you stand and believe you can overcome your sin?

For there is a cry unto all to repent and believe leaving the mess our wrongs have left us in


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