March Magic: Serbia

Not by Might but by My Spirit. . .

Nis, Birthplace of Emporer Constatine
Bible School
Street Evangelism, Face to Face with an open mouth
National Down Syndrome day March, provided great opportunity to meet people
The Fortress at Nis
Places of great beauty and great heaviness as you realize many come searching to find religion devoid of the relationship with God and His word
Increasing with the Increase of God

It has been an eventful and impactful month for us here in Serbia! People have been coming to our Sunday fellowship the Bible college courses have been full of content and blessing to those in attendance and to those who have taught them. Also, we had a great harvest week as the weather gave way to more opportunities for street evangelism.

The Angelic Invitations

This month has been blessed greatly with new young adults joining our times of fellowship and becoming fast friends to everyone. The astounding thing about every single one of them is that we did absolutely NOTHING to contribute towards them coming. We did not meet them on the streets, we did not know friends of theirs we did not even push social media or internet presence to find them. They were all invited by a passing friend. Somehow, someway a friend knew of the ministry and extended an invite to them. This is the miracle of evangelism! One would think those engaged on the streets would be the same people to potentially come but time and time again we have seen God honor obedience to His great commission with precious people coming to join the fellowship of the body of Christ independent of our works. This is why it is so important for any church to take face to face verbal evangelism seriously! God wants to honor His word and when a believer goes in faith towards the lost, the Holy Spirit goes to those searching and finds them! Do not be afraid, open your mouth!

White fields

Although the orthodox hold on Serbian culture is strong its power is weak to the work of the Holy Spirit by means of the gospel. People here are Christian in culture and values but in their hearts and mind they are so very lost with little to no education of God’s word. Few even have the precious seed of the truth although they may be devout congregants of the orthodox church. The issue is simply that the truth is not told, the gospel is silent, and the works of religion and ritual are given greater weight than the value of their soul to God. God desires to reach these people and these past weeks we have met and engaged with many who are desperately seeking to find answers to the void within their own lives. There are few who have the testimony of Christ here and it is so imperative that prayers would go towards these people as they need to find the true value of God’s word and His heart after them.

All in all this month gave us great joy as many new faces have started joining our times of fellowship and many more faces were encountered with the glorious gospel. There is truly more work to be done here than we can hope to accomplish, there are many open hearts and minds who are willing to hear the gospel yet there are great hinderances of ignorance to the word of God. May God bless our labors for we know they are not in vain!

The Reality of Relationship

The one thing I have seen God teaching us here through the pulpit, classes, and various times of study, is that God wants a relationship with His children and desires that His church would be a united body by means of the relationship with Him. This may seem elementary but its value cannot be ignored in missions. When we meet people and God connects people with us it is not to advance our reach of ministry it is rather to experience God’s blessing through a relationship with them. Every member of the church is a member in particular, uniquely gifted and uniquely fitted to relate with others. When God adds a precious person to walk among us, He is adding a friend, a sister, a brother, a mother, or a father. The value of that new relationship is as valuable as our time in God’s word, it is not to be neglected or overlooked! There is a blessing within it that mutually blesses both as they minister to you and you to them. We do not receive projects from God to complete or new obligations to fulfill, we receive precious dynamic souls that are complete in Christ ready to minister and be ministered to. There is such temptation to not trust what God adds to the church and we then try this poor soul by means of tests and checklist to verify their “fit” among us but this is not the way. If any man be in Christ he is a new creation, perfect, completely furnished unto every good work. Any believers who are added to the fellowship are wholly qualified to partake and walk in the work of the ministry as the places they lack are filled by the strengths of others. Not one believer among us is adequately equipped to do it all, we need what God adds to sufficiently accomplish what the Spirit desires to do here in Serbia.

Pray for the Body of Christ here that we grow together and continue together as one in Christ!




  • Church growth as people are coming, we pray that needs can be met accordingly
  • Provision for what is required in-country
  • Music Ministry: equipment, talent, and the resources
  • New contacts in new cities!
  • Eurocon went well with the Pastor and his family getting blessed and refreshed
  • Great Harvest week of Evangelism
  • Conflict in Ukraine has stayed local and has not expanded into Serbian politics so far
  • Found a great source for Serbian classes and classes have begun!


  • Inroads to the Schools in the area to conduct Biblical ethics courses or Bible clubs
  • Military and Political Neutrality in the Balkans regarding War
  • Skillfulness in the language along with great connections to conversational partners
  • Visa Extension, we are praying for a year term, need the Visa before the 7th ideally!!!
  • Easter outreach ideas and opportunities
  • Trips to neighboring Countries, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia

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2 responses to “March Magic: Serbia”

  1. Love this ❤️❤️❤️ it’s never a program it’s always Christ it’s always relationships. Loving the fruit of your faithfulness I’m blessed by your testimony

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