Quarantined Faith

We were at the epicenter!

I realize now the epicenter of the pandemic is shifting to New York City, but my wife and I were recently in Europe while it was the area of concern.

It was such an interesting trip to say the least. We arrived in Budapest just 4-5 days after reports of the two Iranian students had been tested positive for the virus, but this really is not about us traversing policy changes or the travel bans it is more so about precious people that we encountered in our 7 day journey overseas.

Isolated souls

Apart from our touring of the beauty of Budapest and Vienna, we were able to meet up with individuals that touched our hearts so much. Below is just my way of expressing the time and really taking into account the situation at hand all around the globe. Be Transformed to His Way!

A Wonderful Crew overlooking Vienna

Why must one travel to discover another’s soul and why must such distance hold such latent strength and potential? For when we travel we leave the trouble of whats behind, the demons that attack us through cares of life and the projections of our mind. When we travel we effectively embrace a life seasoned in faith as we trek to the unknown and face an uncertain fate. When we travel we indeed discover the mighty hand of God as his provisions propel us forward into foreign lands of different tongues with rulers that reign with a stronger rod.

It is a mercy to discover precious faces, with friendship in their countenance though they hail from distant struggles and incomparable places. Within they bear a mystery that binds our hearts to theirs like blood, it is the mystery of a cross and the mystery of finding grace in an all-consuming flood. This bond once discovered unlocks friendships of the strongest relation. It is a spiritual relationship of the highest degree that warrants an open conversation and great liberty. In moments of contact with these most precious of people I find the very essence of God’s love and the majesty of an ancient steeple.

So travel, although risky is worth every pence, shekel, dollar or pound as faith is travel’s bounty and in traveling great growth can be found. For you cannot contain a faith that is shed abroad with love and no friend can be to far if the foundations of the relationship are rooted above. No pandemic or policy nor the emptied city can isolate such graces of a distant land with a congregation of beautiful lives and faces. Locked down the globe may become as it is shadowed in uncertainty and fear, but none can quarantine faith or the love of Christ which draws us near.

My Wife(right) and her dear Friend trekking towards Hofburg Palace


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