I Am For You: My First Love Forgotten

I find myself in deep despair I have left my first love and run to destruction

Sleeping with death I find no care or wisdom, there is no hope or instruction

Sowing the wind, the whirlwind must come my end is drawing nigh

A life selling my heart to the highest bid my enemies have encompassed me to buy

given everything I ever needed, filled in all things and exalted by my first love

I have left a great blessing and fly alone as a  misguided dove

Away from my home, my nest from which my first love carefully provided

I have severed all ties, I am sold to many masters my soul is broken and divided

I abide in a city where my riches and fame are multiplied

Although high and mighty among many lovers, I find myself ever more empty inside

Left  in this life of  many affairs, I see a great lion observing my way

Though it could devour me it circles about showing mercy every day

as if it has a love, a love that I once knew

Giving me grace amidst my weakness where no mercy is due

Such great power of love that keeps its claws contained

It chastens my heart heavily  and I perceive it as a warning that its wrath may not be forever retained

Sold to highest bidders again and again, I find myself depreciated and of no value anymore

There is then this cloaked stranger  who seeks me out buying me with the highest score

bought for fifteen pieces of the finest silver, and for an homer of barley at the highest price

I am of no value I cry and I am jaded by shame for committing the greatest of vice

Unveiling himself, I melt within as I come to realize

It is my first love, the lion that observed my ways yet still beholds beauty before His eyes

Unfaithful I have been, and unfaithful I fear I will continue to be

My first love responds no matter how much I am forgotten forever faithful will I be to thee

I will continue  to extend my merciful hand even when you sleep in affair with death

For it is life I want to invest in you, my love is given unto my dying breathe

I will be as the morning dew unto you, and as a lily you shall grow

Your roots will run deep in my love and your beauty will branch out for all to know

That your first love will love forever,  loving you even when you unfaithfully stray

Although you deserve great destruction, my grace is offered as my anger is turned away

For in my grace to you, fruit will be found my love will abound and your newly bestowed beauty will eclipse all shame that you once knew

You will look upon your branches as a green fir tree and know that I graciously restore the adulteress ones like you

Although you are battered by those you sold yourself so cheap to your shallow soul is no matter to be considered anymore

For your first love is for you always, even when evil is within your heart’s door

Faithful to the unfaithful it is my character to love the broken unconditionally without exception

I hear your heart’s yearning, but I will never see your imperfection

As far as the east is from the west so far have I removed thy adulteress transgressions from me

I am forever at your side offering intercession so that I may impart the greatest of beauty

Sleeping with death will no longer render us apart

For you are mine my love, I am for you, always faithful, your name is eternally written upon my heart

Chad Brockmeyer


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