To Live is Christ…

To live is Christ to die is gain

let these words be my life’s refrain

Let Your love be a constantly repeating chorus

As Jesus Christ my Savior has died and paid the debt for us

Counting all things as loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord

Your knowledge has cleaned my heart and it has severed my brokenness with a  mighty sword

but in pieces, You did not leave me alone

Your Son, my Savior has set me by His side before the throne

Forever a part of Your priesthood a Saint, You call me by name

Even when my darkness and sin has continued to mock your glory and leave me in shame

The value within one life in Your eyes, one cannot explain

as Your Son hung on the tree, the sacrifice was not sent in vain.

Live Victorious, free from guilt, forever mine Jesus cries,

as the sweat and blood drip from His brow and tears roll from His eyes.

It is finished, it is done, Father forgive them for they know not what they do,

Oh Lord in the shadow of Your cross with a blood covered heart I follow you.

You suffered the brutal death that was sentenced to me

In your blood soaked swaddling clothes my life is wrapped in liberty.

Oh but the grave it did not hold you, not a day or hour more

than what You had promised, as I now stand restored

Forever Alive, living in me, let this be my morning cry

As my sin and darkness encamp around me and drag me down to die

In my bloody pit, your arm reaches out to bear

The depravity of my soul and the depths of my despair

You have clothed me in white robes, cleaned my wounds, providentially set me on my feet

For Your cross and resurrection, my unqualified soul and raging doubt it did defeat

To live is Christ oh to die what a gain

Lord Your presence is precious to me as it is lovingly breaking away my heavy chains

Anoint my head with oil, let my cup be overflowed

For Your lovingkindness is desired and your seed of truth in me may it be sowed

A life in You, what physical thing could I compare

For it is greater than the depths of the ocean and more majestic than the universe above the air

Your great name resounds in my head, Your Son’s even greater as He sits on his throne

Lord in my feeble mind and weak walk with You remind me that I am known

By your omniscient thoughts, and Your sacrificial love imparting grace

Lord draw me closer, spark a fire in my soul that my hands and feet will chase

To know my spots are precious, my flaws are no longer beheld in Your sight

Let this truth empower my walk and Your pursuit of the broken be my fight

oh God, your all I long for in weakness and in all, You are all I need

To live is Christ to die is gain, may Your life ,oh God, be the life that I feed

oh God, your all I long for in struggle and in all, You are all I need

May Your given life ,oh God, be the life that I feed




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