Counting it all as Loss:Devotional thoughts

Php 3:8  Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,

As I have packed my belongings for a trek back to Baltimore MD ,where I will continue to learn and minister, I can’t help but look at the things that I don’t pack anymore.  I don’t bring along a home entertainment center, I don’t bring along my movie collection, and I don’t bring along any semblance of my life here in Missouri.  I encounter this point to where I look at what God has done in my life, how its changed since I chose to pursue Him more intently, how it has been transformed to something I could have never formulated and I just stand in wonder to see a different man behind the same skin.  The past has always reared its head and will continue to attempt to discredit the work of God, but it does not have the final say as I have won Christ today.  The excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus MY Lord, what a beautiful line and deeply profound phrase to let reverberate in my mind!  This encounter of God’s new man in the mirror of His Word leaves me looking in the rear view mirror of my life to see a long road has been traveled and so much progress has been made in Christ.  I count what I see behind as loss compared to the present moment and point of contact I am currently in with my Savior. The blessings and the curses cannot hope to grab my attention away from where God has me right now. On the edifice of a new cliff where one more step of faith is calling out; Go further, Go deeper, Grow is what I hear my Heavenly Father cry.  I must count all things as loss as I must go on further,closer, and ever pursuing Jesus Christ my Lord.  I do not have the time to look back, dwell on success or failure, I only have each present moment to win Christ.  I say this to point to the importance and eternal value of the present moment.  Our lives as a whole are but a vapor, but the effect and impact of each moment within our menial lifespan has eternal value before God. The moment you received salvation, the moment you shared the gospel with a receptive stranger, the moment a friend or family member came to know Christ through your testimony; these are eternally valuable things in our lives among many other moments.  The value within one life, one cannot explain as The Son hung on the tree, the sacrifice was not in vain.  I always seem to end up on positional truth, I believe it should be where we live our lives. as it is the most powerful reality to wield, we have a desperate need to count more things as loss before the truth of God.  We hold onto our lives instead of eternal life, mixing our flesh and corrupted nature into a pure gift of God. I know the old ways are raging, the temporary constantly vies for our complete attention, but if we could just lay hold onto the hope, the life we have stored in Christ a day at a time what a life we would live. what a full life it would be, full of joy, full of sorrow, full of peace, and full of love.  Life in Christ is such a gain it cannot even be compared to what we have lost in winning Christ.


As I take on this new day, may I count all things as loss before the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, willing to suffer loss of ALL things, so I may win Christ. I pray these thoughts and long for them to be indwelling in my heart as truth. Keep me in your way as there is no other I would want, Father.  Draw me close to you, and thank you for your laid down life.  I do not have words to express the gratitude, the thankfulness, and joy Your life has brought into my life.  May I enter Your gates with thanksgiving in my heart and Your courts with praise as You are what I desire to have as the apple of my eye as I am Yours. Protect my walk with you and pour out Your blessings on me as I am in constant need of Your truth.  Lord I pray for a life given to you, pull my hands from holding back what is Yours, may I be Yours alone..Amen


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