Faith standing in the Power

“That Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God” I Cor 2:5

Faith standing in the power as you have called me to Your Name

Faith in the knowledge of You and proclaiming Your Glory and  Your Fame

Faith standing sure girded with Your word of Truth and Light

Faith immovable as no man could withstand or contest Your might

Faith not in the wisdom or the schemes of man

Faith to move forward to where no one else can

Speaking the wisdom of God as a mystery to all men

secure in the Identity, strength, and power supplied and freely given

Faith in Your power, because in nothing else we will be free

Faith knowing your power created  and sustains what we see

The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Lord it is Faith in You that I count on and on Your forever strong shoulder do I lean

Forever on the throne, Your power is eternal

Faith in the power thereof it is Your truth that must be made internal

Indwelling forever, convicting my corrupt flesh and damaged soul

Faith in Your power as it is this power that has made me whole



As I make my way back to the field ready for harvest whether that is here presently or tomorrow’s destination. Lord give me faith where there is none, give me power as it is indwelling in me with Your spirit. Sanctify my walk with You Lord, keep me on Your path guided by Your statutes.  Keep me close Lord as I daily am prone to leave you and be pre-occupied with vanity.  As Your word speaks let me hear Lord, as Your messenger’s preach let me receive Lord and as You lead let me follow Lord. I pray for those in hurt today, I pray for my friends and family crying out for comfort today Lord. Create in me a pure heart, as it is a pure heart that I need to reach those in need today Lord. Sanctify this week to Your name and For Your Glory. Make my walk holy as I am incapable to do this apart from Your power. I pray For Your Glory to be spread in this Country Lord as so many have strayed away, believing the lie,pursuing the vanity of the temporal world. I Thank you Lord for Your grace as it persist to keep me in your way. I thank you for Your time of Rest and peace that You eternally supply. I thank You for Your name as it is Great and True.  Increase Your body Today Lord, Give strength to the saints and adopted sons and daughters Today Lord. Let Your church multiply and Your fame be known. Amen



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