I am Here:Acting on God’s call (Acts 9:10)

I am here ears open reading your word

I am here receiving grace, acting in utterance so its heard

I am here ready and willing to partake and witness your power

I am here ministering your truth, so souls may be saved this hour

I am here with hands empty not a qualification to my name

I am here so that Your name is made great and your glory receives the fame

I am here as your apostles in time before

I am here to step in your footsteps and travel to that distant shore

I am here, because you have called me out,set me aside, given me value and Great purpose

I am here to speak profound things to others as your word goes deeper than the surface

I am here to be your vessel for thy names sake

I am here because your grace and love I dare not forsake

I am here according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of His power(Eph3:7)

I am here because if I was not I would be without Identity,damaged,destroyed and devoured

Keep me here as I know that I cannot stand here in my own capacity

It is Your strength I draw from, and your loving zeal for my tenacity

Preserve my way in your way as the hymn I am prone to wander

Keep me in your word, in your spirit, and in meditation of your truth may I ponder

The way you rescued me from the darkness and how you desire to do the same for others

Keep me here Oh Lord, for the sick, the outcasts, the orphans and for the widowed mothers

I am here completely because it is here only that I can stand

For nothing will change in this world and this life, if I do not commit it to your hand


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