May Flowers: Missions Update in Serbia!

“Loving Serbia is simply loving People”

The Value of You

“To understand your value before God is to understand the value of Christ, who gave absolutely everything for YOU!”

Transformed To His Way

The element of missions that is irreplaceable is you. No matter how much you try to remove yourself from the reality of God’s will, you remain part of it, a recipient of it, and a vital piece of it! The “you” element is the very thing that makes missions so precious in the purpose of God. Many try to frame ministry around what others do or are doing for others but without a receptive, humble, obedient you there is no ministry. God calls personally to personally minister first to you, so that He then can minister personally to others through you. When a movement of God works in a country it is a movement intended for YOU to partake in it, when a person is open to receive the glorious gospel of Christ it is an opportunity for YOU to see Christ’s heart revealed, When a world is in one accord crying out and groaning for a Savior it is a call for YOU to embrace God’s grace and labor furiously in seeking and saving the lost. Missions is personal, the walk with God is personal, growth in Christ and faith is personal. To understand your value before God is to understand the value of Christ, who gave absolutely everything for YOU! Loving Serbia is simply loving people because we know the true value of a soul. Heaven went bankrupt for you, do not err in underestimating your part in God’s divine purpose! Partake, pray, give, and grow. The world not only needs you it needs Christ in you the hope of glory. Allow Christ to reveal your true value and in precious holy faith BE the new creation Christ has made you to be!

— May in Review —

Rae and I had the reins for a couple weeks as Pastor Tomas and family enjoyed a time away in Czech to fulfill some practical needs. We had beautiful times of visitation and utilized the time to deepen newly forged friendships!

Summer Plans Set!

Looking forward, the team has found some candidates for Church Camp/conference and is preparing for teams to come through Serbia and take part in evangelism, Bible college, and Kidszone ministry. The Summer is going to be a busy season for us as the opportunities stretch personal capacities and finances to their limits but God is the finisher of it all. Please keep the team in prayer as we prepare for a fruitful season!


Thank you for all the prayers in these last 3 months as we have been undergoing the process to get a visa for staying in Serbia. After a long wait since March of this year, we have finally been approved to continue and hopefully obtain our papers this week!

Language learning in Another land

Learning a Slavic language with the Cyrillic alphabet is very challenging and in a country that does not have many available resources to learn, the journey is proving to be a difficult one. Nonetheless many speak our tongue and many within the circle of people God has added to our life have been essential help in learning Serbian. The language is proving to be elusive but it is not impossible. We pray often that God would give us understanding of its rhythm and intricate workings. Without using large words to describe it(since there are words that describe types of languages) I will just note here that with each word there are many variations, cases, and forms of that word depending on usage. With this, every sentence and phrase is unique, all components of the sentence change by usage and context. It is a different way of thinking and our journey of learning has revealed the way the culture as a whole thinks and acts. Like their language, Serbians do not seem to have an established ebb and flow, they are avid storytellers and religious historians. A conversation with any Serb thus far has proved to be a warm one with long descriptive tales, testimonies, and well-articulated opinions on matters. You can talk to a Serb about anything and can disagree without having any dire dispute which is so great in evangelism. It has been a gift to be learning such a different way of life and language, please continue to keep our un-initiated tongues in your prayers!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

Take Part in the Mission!

There is a multitude of activities and needs with this coming season and we would like to invite everyone to take part in this time as we continue to reach into Serbia with the glorious gospel of Grace! Below is a loose schedule of what is coming with ways that you can help. As always keep these first in prayer

JULY Camp Life for Elizabeth and a visit to Brasov, Romania ($500)

The Pastor’s daughter is now old enough to attend a Camp life youth camp in Finland and any support for this would greatly be appreciated. The 500 is to cover gas and expenses in getting her to camp and our short stay in Brasov, Romania as we await her return.

JULY Church Camp Serbia ($1k+)

Any support raised for this is towards sponsoring singles or families in attending the camp. It is a time of great importance to us as it gives us three days of intentional fellowship, Biblical teaching, and Evangelism together with those we have been ministering to here in Serbia!

AUGUST Kidszone Camp Belgrade,Serbia ($1k)

Any support raised for this goes directly towards sponsoring kids and events included in the camp. This has been a very impactful event and we would love to be able to sponsor 5 kids (100EU per person)

Please direct any support for this into the General Fund(Serbia). Thanks

A Vehicle for the Team

Please keep our search for a newer vehicle in prayer and if God would lead you to help in that need please send any and all support to the General Fund(Serbia)

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