April Showers: Serbia

Easter Eucharist

Matt 9:36


Missions is Fellowship

We were greatly blessed this month by the visitation of Pastor Tony and his wife, who are missionaries in Albania. To engage in what God is doing in the world is to interact with the totality of His body the church. From simple errands to evangelistic shopping(Yes that is searching for souvenirs with Gospel tracts in hand) we thoroughly enjoyed the visit and encouragement from our dear friends!

Easter Engagement

Not only do the Orthodox observe Easter a week or two later than others they also hold a very long Eucharist service Saturday night. We joined the ceremony to observe and engage in conversation with those that planted beside us during the ceremony. It was daunting to see the crowd gather with incessant but quite pleasant gregorian prayers and songs/chants. One after another were bringing offerings to the ornate icons situated in the building, some even bringing eggs, flowers, or other misc. things to clutter the area around the lifeless image. It was heartbreaking to witness and also hopeful as there was no doubt someone among the many who was honestly seeking Christ and just may have started their search for the truth of Christ’s Salvation. We were able to speak with a handful of available people asking what they believe about the service and seeing who among them even knew the why of the whole ceremony. It was a sobering time and was a prayerful time as so many are gathering in the name of Christ but have no knowledge of His salvation, true nature, or heart for them.

Seder Service

We had a wonderful opportunity to gather people around a traditional seder ceremony with a New testament service that explained each part of the feast and its very meaningful direction towards Christ. Gathering in the park, we had a beautiful time with friends we have made in the time since we have arrived and truly deepened our bond with them all as the conversations led to very powerful truths. We are finding that events like these are great tools to teach and lead people to the truth of Christ! The culture is already predisposed to respond to imagery and symbolism so PLEASE PRAY for creativity in reaching people through these things.

A Pattern of Love

“I felt in my bones; first, that this world does not explain itself. It may be a miracle with a supernatural explanation; it may be a conjuring trick, with a natural explanation. But the explanation of the conjuring trick, if it is to satisfy me, will have to be better than the natural explanations I have heard. The thing is magic, true or false.

Second, I came to feel as if magic must have a meaning, and meaning must have someone to mean it. There was something personal in the world, as in a work of art; whatever it meant it meant violently.”

G. K Chesterton Orthodoxy

There is no explanation for the way of living by faith, it is a selfless yet selfish act, it is risky yet the most assuring, it is rational yet mysterious. In a word, it is something left to us by God. No promise of reward nor assurance of conscious peace led Rae and I to where we are today, we considered it as it was left for us to consider in God’s word. As one of my favorite authors expresses above this life is a sort of magic with violent meaning, it has a purpose so clear and it is a purpose set aside for ALL believers in Christ. There is no human pattern that we follow and there is no true rational meaning to what we even are doing day to day as we simply ask complete strangers, ” have you been born again” or “Jesus loves you, do you know how He has loved you?” or one of my favorites, ” If God was around the corner and you met Him what would He say to you, what would you say to Him?”. In spite of this apparent uselessness that we partake in and sometimes even feel, there is a higher pattern that is profoundly divine and this pattern is the very fingerprint of God with what Christ did on this earth; it is the pattern of Love. It is by THIS pattern that we did not just consider a field that God desires to work in and among people, we went forward to buy it, own it, and make it our own as Christ has given us the ability to partake in truth! There is no making sense of a life given wholly to Christ, it is a dead man walking, a spiritual life with a very Biblical outcome. We are living in the higher pattern of love, and it is a joy to have no definite way to explain just how our life is graciously hidden in Christ.

Car Trouble 🙂



  • I got a Job and can now tithe more regularly! Also provides for extra expenses here.
  • Easter and Seder outreach went so well with many tracts and convos exchanged
  • We have met with friends here often and those relationships are growing!
  • Music ministry is growing, more talent has come into the church and Rae has improved her skill also!
  • Families are considering moving closer to the ministry, and new faces continue to trickle in on Sunday.
  • The car is repaired and the Buliceks will be going back to Czech for a couple weeks!
  • Visa papers are all updated and sent!
  • Rae’s health has improved and we have been able to meet with specialists at low cost.
  • Finding a general rhythm for day to day life which is HUGE

Keep Praying

  • VISA VISA VISA..still waiting
  • An Orthodox Priest to give us access to the schools, teaching Theology and Christian themes!
  • Language studies, Comprehension in convo specifically. we have many words but lack the connections
  • Summer Camp
  • Kids Zone
  • Buliceks in Czech, safe travels and good marks in testing for their kids schooling
  • Camp life for Elizabeth: PM Chad Brockmeyer on FB for ways to help or donate to Serbia general fund!
  • Effectiveness in evangelism, finding good methods, and creatively expanding our reach to many demographics
  • 10 Bible college students this Fall
  • Preach Seminars and workshops training young men in ministry from neighboring ministries or para groups in-country

2 responses to “April Showers: Serbia”

  1. great word and so encouraged to hear how God is using you both on the field. I know we say it all the time, “no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth”. A walk with God wherever the spirit leads is most rewarding. My devotional time this morning reminded me of 2Cor 4.13-15 as I mediate on all God is doing in Nepal with the greater grace and TTI ministries here – 4 Things found in this growing ministry… 1. Grace is embraced vs15, 2. Gratitude is expressed, 3. Growth is experienced, & 4. God gets the glory!

    praying for you daily and let us know of any special needs either of yo may have. love you Dad


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You! I like those 4 principles a lot. Grace must be embraced when you have others to love and care for because it gives way to channels for forgiveness and mercy for yourself and others. Vital in any and all relationships.

      Love you right back Dad and keeping you in prayer as you venture through Nepal!



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