Why Tell? The importance of Revealing Christ.

It has now been about two months now that my wife and I have been abroad in Serbia, and I cannot help but notice the universal nature of NEED in people. No matter where you plop that little google pin man on the map when you take a tour of how people live their needs are absolutely the same although the means by which they have them met varies widely. This variety of culture, society, and guiding principles is important but it is in no way the most important in each context. I am persuaded that the universal need of man is a matter of truth, a matter of enduring life, a matter of unchanging and unshakable purpose revealed in the very person of JESUS CHRIST. Without this man is nothing, their achievement is nothing and their aims fall short of meeting the divine glory they were yearning for. We are uniquely created for relationships.

We constantly are relating to others, things, and the world around us, and our purpose is intertwined in a single, direct, and devoted relationship. The question is then, what relationship provides ALL that is required for us? The truth, Jesus Christ. The truth, God who created us, our Father. The truth, the very spirit of truth sent and revealed by Jesus himself. And the truth, the context, and content of the inerrant, eternal word of God the Bible. All these stand as a singular truth that we have a sole need to relate to our one God who exists in an eternal relationship within His Triune nature.

If you feel alone, look up and realize you are also quite small then know that neither fact or feeling can refute that you are first loved

Truth perspectives

Jesus Christ revealed a great mystery to us all as he proclaimed, exclaimed, and explained the very nature of God! God is a Father desiring to relate with His children, his creation although that creation as Jesus reveals has altogether been separated from Him(we need a new birth). God is a Son relating to the Father as Jesus very plainly expressed himself to be God as He was One with the Father. And God is the Holy Spirit of Truth that reveals the reality that God was indeed with us and is with us still inviting us into the divine relationship that He already has. This relationship is the foundation of life, there is no other that can suffice for the human soul. You can plainly see why revealing Christ is so important, Christ revealed the greatest mystery, Who is God!

“We all have need to see who we are, see that we are forever loved, forever pursued, forever included, and invited to take part in our divine design by the way of JESUS ALONE”

Transformed to his way

This is why I tell, why I am here in Serbia and why I may be elsewhere doing the same. Christ revealed God, removed the partition and middle wall between this temporal world and the eternal reality, paid an eternal debt that humanity continues to accrue by way of sin against God, gave you and me testimony by the way of His express words in the Bible! Why would any neglect such a great gift or dismiss such a profound truth? Again this is why I tell because we all begin as enemies of God without the light of truth to dissipate the darkness we inherit by terrestrial birth. We all have need to see who we are, see that we are forever loved, forever pursued, forever included, and invited to take part in our divine design by the way of JESUS ALONE. If we neglect to know Jesus explicitly through the Bible, expressly through the preaching of the Bible, and vaguely(sometimes very specifically) through the personal circumstances of our lives we neglect the very essence of who we are. Christ revealed the whole of man and the whole of God’s heart towards man. This must be shared as its truth meets the particulars of everyone’s need for THE right relationship.

Overlooking Belgrade from Zemun

I realize what has been said is very direct and to many reading, it probably seems too bold and vague to truly meet the needs of all. That is a fact that I know but read closely to see I am not trying or even giving sufficient effort to layout facts if that were so this post would be riddled with scripture references, commentaries, quotes, with a balance of ethos, pathos, and logos to win inquiring minds. It is not so, this is a revelation of truth that did not reveal itself through the discovery of an equation or an ancient ruin, it revealed itself through a living and breathing eternal person! Eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful God desires to have a relationship with you! How is that insufficient for the human heart let alone the intellect? It is of utmost importance to know what is important. Christ is important!

Be Transformed to His Way Today, Share the importance of Christ with others and if you have not received this truth yourself simply accept it as THE TRUTH to take part in the essential relationship for all life, a relationship with God!


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