The Greatest Love

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Christian Not Grey

Bubble SheetMy mind has recently been traveling back to the days of standardized testing in high school.  Every other year or so, without fail, we had to take some state-required test that measured our reading, vocabulary, writing, and mathematical comprehension.  It usually took about a week to complete, and the first day was utterly monotonous!

We would start by writing each letter of our name into a separate box, and then bubbling in the corresponding letter below, being careful not to go outside those pesky bubble lines (as that was always such a big point each teacher made).  Then we would move on to our dates of birth and demographic info such as gender and race.  Strangely, I always felt bad for the students whose names were too long to completely fit on the sheet.  It’s somewhat symbolic of a higher power being able to say that your specific identity is…

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