Not a People of Want

Joyful People

We are not a people of want although we have many needs; we are taken care of continually as we follow where Christ leads.

We are not a people of want for we are sufficiently supplied, even the darkest of days we are a people who have joy and light.

We are not a a people of want as we have found the Savior who takes all our cares. In prosperity and debasement God faithfully gives and freely shares.

Not wanting in wisdom, for we have been given great truth and light; not wanting in war, for there is no battle we cannot sufficiently fight.

Not wanting in love, for we are loved by the one who created our hearts. Not wanting in goods as we are promised an inheritance beyond what man could ever impart.

Faithfully God supplies according to His riches and addresses our every need, for not even the smallest sparrow is neglected by His loving hands that feed.

We are not a people of want, for what we wanted hung us all upon that cross with Christ. Forsaking all that was, is and ever could be we became a people no longer needy but givers of new life.

We are not a people of want for what more could we ask for than a redeemed soul; For there is not a care left neglected by the Savior who has made us WHOLE!


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