The Best Frame on the Situation


My life is a series of brush strokes abstractly placed on a page; it started masterfully but it seems to have drifted into chaos with each passing age.

The colors of each season illustrate a great turmoil and conflict within; once a picture of purity and innocence my painting began to abstract into a display of sin.

The picture now paints a situation, a circumstance of constant pain and despair; it is far from what the artist intended and is beyond restoration or repair.

My life indeed seems lost and aimless movement of modern art; present and relevant as it emotionally moves its viewers, but it is a cry of a desperate heart.

Then there came a day that Christ walked by to behold the vain manifestation, He took what my life was and put the best frame on the situation.

Now covered in masterful handiwork of gold, silver, precious stones and protected by the purest crystal glass, I am displayed in heaven’s grandest gallery as an acquired masterpiece framed in glory that Jesus Christ carefully cast.

The Best frame on the situation hardly fixed what was made before, but instead it made something completely new and revealed the pure beauty it had in store


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