What I forgot in the field

I went to the field of the harvest and realized I came along.Singing of vanity, thinking in death, a resonating old heart song.

I suppressed what I could, as I was in a good place and bad should not show its face.

Oh but that heart of mine kept singing, revealing where the devil had found his place.

Oh what I forgot in the field, how could I lose my way?

God take it all away, as I now see it was not darkness but light showing me how I have strayed.

Strengthen my walls rebuild the ruins I thought to be strong keeps.

Build gates of truth to discern what enters and towers to reveal deceit.

May I not forget you in the field, may my past not render me lost

Remind me of your Grace and that being your Son had a cost.

So help me forsake the old ways, forsake them completely never to return.

May I know now and forever what is made manifest is manifest in the light as I grow and learn.



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