Colors of Grace, thoughts in Cambodia

I made it to Cambodia!!! 

There has been so much expectation for this trip and so much labor to be here. A lot has been done by God for me to be here and little was done by my hands.  God promised that He indeed will supply all my needs, never withhold a good thing, and will give where there has been an ask.  This is answered prayer at its finest. Amen 


As you may have noticed this is not a church, that is why we are here, South east Asia needs the gospel and the spirit of God to bear witness of a peace that goes beyond all understanding. The people here are so welcoming and receptive to the message but there is such a large gap to fill when it pertains to spiritual knowledge from the Bible.  many we have encountered are just sardis, christian in name but dead in spirit in need of God just as if they were lost. 

There is movement and joy in the hearts of believers here and it is so encouraging to see the reality of God in others lives thousands of miles away from “my world”.  We are traveling with a small team, but a strong one as each of us feel an amazing burden for these people.  

Now getting to the point, I have found there is a color of grace for me to learn here.  I have learned many colors in my life: a color for grief, a color for weakness, a color for failure, and a color for pain.  All of these have taught me how to receive and give grace. Here in South east Asia as I see the faces hear the stories and share the gospel I cannot help but sense God teaching me yet another color of grace.  It is a color of sacrifice, a color rich in love but mixed in an urgency of purpose. No sacrifice is without a higher purpose. It is in its purity a loss for anothers gain, it is the heart of missions here. with each face I hear these Cambodians burdened for their people desiring to improve politics or economics but none of these sacrifices no matter how noble will truly change the country.  God has given the ultimate sacrifice for these people and so few know, even fewer understand.  I realize it will take a sacrifice of our life to reach these people and make a lasting impact in this country. How much must I give I do not yet know, but my heart is here for these people. I know the cost just like the cost to be here is beyond me and my hands. It must be a movement of a much larger entity in obedience to what God has called.

 It will take the church. So I charge you all today to please pray and be a witness of God working in South east Asia. be transformed to his way today, pray for Cambodia and Thailand and pray that God will send focused men and women to teach, preach and ministe the good news to these people.



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