So much Life left in the dust, so much time I will never see

All for the sake of being valued in being busy

I wonder what love was lost without ever being found?

I wonder what fruit was was abandoned without seed ever finding ground?

All this loss for things I passed by as deceit has been framed in my mind.

I strive and toil stayi120515_0004ng busy pursuing fulfillment I will never find.

What people are left alone with questions, what questions have I left unanswered

As busyness consumed my time, my life, my schedule like a cancer.

Busy we can always be but I ask you to what end?

 Busy for the things worthwhile or busy until we have no time left to lend?


Be Transformed To His way find peace in doing what you can for God and do not bury yourself in the trap of busyness. Be available, Be free, live in the grace of God and soon the busybody can be a somebody with a message and a helping hand changing the world in Christ name.


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