A Dent of Enternity

In time there is a dent of eternity, an apparent anomaly in  all creation

It began with a promise then grew from a lowly nation.

It came into the scene, not comely, it grew within time almost unseen.

the dent of eternity, the Son of the living God, a life unlike any other. But among the people, among the world this man, this eternal testimony of truth would not be distinguished apart from another sister or brother. Why such humility, why an entrance so mundane and humble? A dent of eternity stands today for some as strength but unto others a cause to stumble. Time was forever changed upon the entrance of my Savior as He came humbly into this world to save me from otherwise evil behavior.For eternity saw my heart and was affected by its wicked way, so much so that in time it chose to enter and give all a new time a new day. A day that would stand unrivaled, a day that tipped time’s scales, a day nothing more eternally affects the lives that will simply look its way. a dent of eternity, this is a truth do not let time cloud its severity. For this dent in all of man’s timeline once and for all gave man access to foundations of pure love and inerrant verity. Do not ignore the cross, even more do not let the man upon it go unnoticed. For the man upon the tree was a dent not just of his time but of eternity.


This thought came to me and has been just transforming the way I view time. Time so often in my mind is just a resource for me to use, utilize for benefit of myself and of others. But what if my concept of time was changed or somehow was altered to a much broader scope? It changes everything, time being very linear, predictable and apparently absolute in nature is now malleable, is now compromised by something bigger, something greater in magnitude, and something very powerful.  Eternity…

John 1:1 In the Beginning was the Word, and Word was with God and the Word was God.    14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us( and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Eternity has directly interacted with time from the beginning of time, but time has never been so radically changed by eternity outside of the life of Jesus Christ. Think about Jesus Christ, look into what He said, who He claimed to be and the miracles around his entrance, his exit, His re-entrance and then his disappearance(Incarnation,The cross/crucifixion, The resurrection, and the ascension for those accustomed to the Bible). These things no matter where you are in spectrum of belief are historical facts, many witnesses, verifiable accounts, and many ongoing effects continue to surround the life of this man. He is an dent of eternity with time, meaning Time is eternally changed by this single blow from the realm of eternity.

Think with me this week! Keep up as I dig into the Gospel account written by John, one that was very near to Jesus and present in Jesus’s time.

What about life apart from eternity is truly significant since all aspects of it are terminal?

What about Jesus changes significance of life?

Why is eternity relevant to even consider in time?

Be transformed to His way and stay connected as I plan to discuss these themes.




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