About Sin and Righteousness Pt 3

The righteousness of God is complete and exclusively within Him alone, the sin of man is also complete and inclusively within all men.  So in becoming “right” what must man do other than die?  There is no other way for the righteousness of God to be within man through Christ without death.  The sooner we will believe and accept this and just die, the sooner the new man, the living spirit with fountains of living water can resurrect our dead souls.  It is appointed for man once to die, but after this judgment So Christ was onceoffered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time WITHOUT SIN unto SALVATION.  Judgment is a reality, and man can either be justified or condemned to a second death.  God has only appointed man once to die, it is within His heart to seek and save ALL that was lost, to make right ALL that was sin, and to resurrect ALL that will come before Him believing in His Son for salvation.  The reality of sin is that we must die; it will either be with our sin or without it.  Our flesh will die as it is corrupted by sin, but if we would just die within ourselves before our appointed time of fleshly death, WE CAN LIVE ETERNALLY.  We desire to be righteous, we will seek it out through the institutions and laws that God has created, but if we do not seek it out and die with Christ there will be no imparted righteousness from God.  There is a necessity for the cross, first in Christ earthly life, but also now within our lives, so that we can find and live in resurrected life with imparted truth, righteousness, and positionally secure in Christ Himself.  There is no righteousness to be found apart from God, and there is no provision apart from the cross for our old sin nature to die so that our spirit may live again.  There is no form of godliness that can stand before God apart from Himself, there is no righteousness that can stand apart from the imparted righteousness of Christ to us, and there is no other propitiation for sin other than that offered from Christ.  There is only one way to righteousness that can eradicate our sin, it is through impartation alone from Jesus Christ.  

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and the renewing of the Holy Spirit. Titus 3:5

Grace alone, is the answer, it is free, it is effectual and ever reaching, and it is complete. Righteousness can only be attained and enjoyed through God’s grace. Be transformed to His way and Have a great week in His grace!

How do I describe grace, how do I describe freedom?

How do I write the emancipation of my life from all I’ve done?

How can I convey or recreate the words of the One who made my being?

How can I express the love I’ve learned through the Son?


A paragraph can’t hold the words that He spoke to make me whole,

And poetic words cannot hope to shine His marvelous light.

The simple grace and mercy flood into oceans deep and full

And the caverns of my soul, once dry and empty flow now with life.


The cages of my own design lay shattered at His feet.

The towers built in zeal and passion appear as if they are in ruins.

My very best I could offer Him was ever far from being clean

Yet despair could never pull me from the acceptance that shone through.


But to write of grace is more than this, more than I can design-

Far greater than the finest pictures I could paint all on my own.

This grace is so much greater!- what it gently planted in my mind,

And how it made a battlefield of my fears become a home.


By grace, I can now abide where before, I’d never know rest.

By grace, I am secure where I’d fallen so often before.

By grace, because my Savior alone has taken and destroyed the tests,

By grace I have a hope and blessed assurance forevermore.


How do I describe grace? A child abandoned has a home.

The orphan has a father and the lost are never alone.

The slavery is broken- their chains are gone and locked away

The prisoner of his own devices can finally feel the grace of being free.

The oppressed now have a Redeemer whose yoke is easy, burden light

And the cold hard man who trusts no one can finally have a friend.

The broken, beaten and abused can lose their sorrows in purest love,

And we can all hold this tightly until eternity reaches its end.


How do I describe grace? I could never deserve it, never call it my own,


But I know the precious blood has set me free, forever.

-Phillip Winslow


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