The immutable amendment

God has written an immutable amendment, it was written upon eternity’s pages. He signed it with a cross and bought back all humanity paying the sin for all the ages.  Betraying Himself, He has brought man within.  Christ the Son of Man has erased the handwriting  of our sin.  Not by might, not by strength, but by His spirit we have overcome.  Christ the God-man, the perfect sacrifice, the lamb of God, the great I am that has saved me from what I have done.  what have I done apart from filth, sin before God’s Holy eyes. The very works I did in His name were acts of defiance, acts of rebellion and living lies.  apart from the documents of acquittal, the declaration of freedom written in Holy blood, I am a wretch lost in my sin, a candidate for judgments flaming flood.  What an amendment we have before us, what a truth we can live in and obtain; live with imparted righteousness justified and cleansed of sin’s stain.  God has written an immutable amendment, but few have have realized this kingdom.  Man was created upright before God, but through many inventions has sought out vanity and thingdom.  Let God sign your acquittal, come to Him believing all has been done.  Accept that your life is dead and bound to die without the fountain of Life, the bread of life, the Son.  Who the Son sets free is free indeed, do not let the petitions of sin lie.  come to the cross, come to the cross, surrender your life let love win and sin die.  Be within the immutable amendment, have your name signed below its decree, declaring the captives have been led captive and the bondmen and women are set free.


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