Who The Son Sets Free

   Why is it when we have a word from God to proclaim or act upon, we often find an overwhelming sense of loneliness in the call and inadequacy in performing it?  I believe that this coming season is such an opportunity for the people of God, I believe and know that God is for making disciples this season, He is for souls being won for His Son’s sake, He is for more believers coming in contact with His character and power but I cannot help to feel overwhelmed by it all, demotivated in it all and disheartened in moving forward. Why so Fallen, Why so broken, why is it that the call of God is met with such darkness and obscurity that immobilizes the believer?  The truth in the matter is there is a war amongst my members (Rom 7), amongst men, and amongst the heavenly host warring for my heart’s affections, my desires, and my ambitions. These two factions long for 100% submission and while one absolutely loves me the other absolutely hates me.  God stated in Genesis that His spirit will no longer strive with man, but instead of leaving us abandoned He sent His Son who later sent His spirit to indwell and inhabit man. The Triune God did not leave man, He chose instead to be with us,live with us, and guide us  The war does not have to persist when it has already been won!  It will exist and rage on amongst our members and strive to grab our focus but the war is not at all our focus anymore as a believer in Christ. The war is won, our focus is to be on the inevitable and true victory we have over this war and carry this gospel to the uttermost liberating warring souls into an eternal victory.  I have been struggling as of late to reconcile with this truth that the war is not a matter for me anymore, it is the victory that I am to carry in life and the victory that I am to bring to others. The shortcomings of transition or the trials of the daily grind should only serve me in Christ as I can approach each instance with a victory, with a truth that Jesus has ultimately saved me for His glory and He has ultimately redeemed and commissioned me to carry a victorious lifestyle.  Who the Son sets free is free indeed, it is time to move forward, it is time to let Christ win as He has truly won, it is time to acknowledge the opportunity among the mountains of struggle and doubts, it is time to live in the victory Christ died for you to live in. It is time to be transformed to His way of victory, His way of humility, and His way of life that will shape you into the image of His Son.  This is not a message stating its easy, but it is absololutely available, and eternally secure. Be encouraged today by this truth and be empowered by the gravity of it, move forward in obedience to God’s call on your life whether it is a call to simply draw near to Him or a call to pursue Him further in His word; whatever you do stop fighting a war that Christ is offering victory to. If Sin is burdening you Drop it stop it and live by embracing the cross that paid it all. If doubt is burdening you seek truth more fervently, If inadequacy is burdening you look to the adequate sacrifice of Christ, the Word that states “my grace is sufficient”, and the Call to press towards the mark of the high calling of God. My point in short is simply this GO ALL OUT FOR GOD this fall and just watch and see God go all out out for others.


John 8:36  If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.



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