Why So Fallen

Why so fallen heart, why so weak and weary? Why have you been silenced among the scoffing and the toil? Why so disquieted within my soul, forsaking me when I fail? Where are you heart, why hide behind trouble’s veil?  I find when my heart is far from me, condemning me for what I have done. It is in this judgment a new voice must be found. For what does it profit a man to heed to the words that debase him to the ground?  O LORD of my salvation, O LORD of Sin`s defeat. Why so fallen oh my soul, when I can have Christ within me?  Remember, remember I must remember what the LORD has done. Even when the sin abounds, much more abounding is a grace that has overcome.  Why so fallen man, why have you heeded to evil’s way. Your glory in Sin will not sustain your fallen heart, for it has deceived you to fall deeper into the abyss.  Turn from iniquity and be free before your cry for help will be amiss. Hope thou in God, find liberty in His statutes and His law. For within the covering of my Savior Jesus Christ there is healing and freedom from the fall.  Turn now, escape, I speak a truth you are not free but in bondage to sin.  Hope in the Lord forever, have a comfort and a peace when your heart cries “Why so fallen”.


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