Broken Joy

I find I have a broken joy, a joy conceived through sorrow. It does not come from my success, it does not flow from my growth or when I am full. This broken joy is from a broken will, a broken heart, and a broken soul. This joy is companion to trial and suffering, but persists beyond discomfort and makes one perfect and whole.  This joy cannot be found outside of the midst of the broken or those who have despaired. This joy is found within the imperfections of a man as this ever full joy is broken so that we may be repaired.  How wondrous are the cracks, the tears, and errors of a broken vessel. For within these apparent flaws, there is a mending grace from a loving Savior.  Do not be dismayed, do not be shaken when you find yourself within destructions ploy. For only the man of sorrow can live eternal, as He alone is complete with broken joy.



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