Growing in quiet Rain

Why must there be such travail in life, and such frailty in all that we hold dear?

Why must our days be numbered, and our lives be no more than engraved years?

Where are you God in this world, where are you in the struggles closest to our hearts?

Why must there be silence in suffering, and prevailing noise when peace starts?

The answer is not far from us, the righteous surely will be delivered from their evil days.

God knows those that trust him and will deliver them when temptation lumbers in and weighs.

Lord help me find refuge in truth, help me see you when I am left into sufferings care.

Lord grow me in the quiet rain, lead me into prayer.

As a plant we are sown, and as a seed we are taken by trials in wind’s power.

Father deliver your sons and daughters from trouble and the weight of that dark hour.

I find the pain does not settle, the wounds they are present and real.

The Lord grows us in quiet rain, and strengthens our hearts when loss is all we feel.

As my days move on, as my end year approaches with each breath and walking stride.

The Lord grows my spirit in quiet rain,assuring me that in Him I can eternally rest and confide.

Growing me in quiet rain, rain that weighs heavy on the leaves but builds me at the roots.

Digging deep into my spirit, my core, guiding me in truth.

My Loving gracious Savior He grows me in the quiet rain. 

He is ever faithful in his promises, and sacrificially taking my faults and stains.

I find there is growth in my trials, and strength in my storms.

I find each day my God is faithful to His truth, and His love effectually transforms.

You change my heart, my soul, my mind, the whole of who I am.

My God grows great trees in quiet rain, and creates a majestic lion from the meek lamb.

How great are You God, How great are You my God to overcome my heart’s crucifixion cries.

How great a love upon a cross, focused on forgiving those who have sentenced You to die.

Lord you are faithful, growing me in the quiet rain.

Let Your word be invested in my heart and your promises be evermore my confession and refrain


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