A Publication is Coming!!

I have been working since May 2014 on this project to put the themes and the inspiration from scripture into narrative poems.  This has not been a smooth defined pursuit, but to my surprise I am near the end result of it!  I will research what it takes to make it available for all who follow me here at no cost(probably an ebook version).  The pursuit was simply a self invoked challenge to find God and hear from Him at a deeper level as I read through His scriptures, it has been amazing.  It will be titled Transformed To His Way and so far(if I don’t decide to add any more to it) it is 95 pages long going from Genesis(In the Beginning:God unveiled) to Revelation(Faith and the Song).   I appreciate the support as I have posted most if not all of the work within this blog and have received awesome response.  It is not at all what I would call a masterpiece, but it is my heart as God has touched it and has truly transformed it.  In the meantime I have been working on a couple devotions/meditations, and I will begin volume two soon as I forgo another read through of God’s word cover to cover (so amazing what is in there btw)!  Just felt the need to update everyone and I hope as January comes to a close that everyone has had a transformed new year and fresh start to 2015.


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