New Year, New man, New life

1Co 9:22 To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

   The new year, there was a time where it was so insignificant and menial to celebrate but now I find there is truly a new life awaiting to be be discovered and lived out.  We have an opportunity to become all things, turn over new talents, develop new skills, meet new people, change new lives.  If I learned one thing about being transformed to His way, it is this: that all things are made new in Christ.  This may not hit you that hard, as you may have heard this before countless times from many sources, but have you experienced this from its  true eternal source?  I am home in missouri, hosting a Jamaican Pastor on fire for Christ, in a family that is now actively pursuing God’s high calling of ministry and full of inspiration, joy, and a revitalized fearlessness.  I have learned so much in so little time and I am finding I truly can do all things through Christ and His Spirit.  I have learned new trades, new skillsets with different careers, learning different languages, painting, writing, and the list keeps growing.  Why is this, what was I doing all these years before when all these things were always a potential discovery? It isn’t a late bloomer. The answer is fear, insecurity,  and spiritual darkness.  I have found true light, true inspiration, true life, words, colors, and sounds cannot rightly describe this revelation!  This is deep, this is effectual, this amazingly real!  If you have not encountered this revelation, you have not met the fulness of who Christ is. If you find yourself imprisoned in your head, your emotions, and your physical ability, you are still dwelling in spiritual darkness.  AWAKE O SLEEPER!!  All of us have an amazing opportunity to meet Christ this year, meet new talents, new goals, new settings, and a new mind.  To be able to think with God, what a powerful and world changing power we would possess, what a transforming and ever new life we would live.  God is eternal, therefore is always new and unchanging( we can experience this). Just chew on that one… I can adequately say I have no clue where in the world I will visit, what lives will be changed by what I do or share, what job or jobs I will perform or learn, and what I will be like a year from now.  This is not ignorant blissful living, I live with discipline and responsibility, but the variable unknown newness is none other than the world changing variable of Christ. If you genuinely want your life to be new this new year, you have to give all of it to Christ and let His Spirit change all things making all things new.  I have a zero expectation of my ability and a full expectation of Christ’s ability.  I am finding that I truly die a little at a time as Christ has transformed my life, some may call it growing up or maturing, but I know that all I have found is because I have a loving Savior leading, directing, and cultivating my growth. I have to leave my subjective narrow mind and embrace the infinite ambiguous but all knowing mind of God. The unknown simply is our inability to comprehend,  it is not called a life of known how’s, why’s and what’s; it is called a life of faith. Like I have said many times before this cannot be adequately articulated in a short blog post,so cutting to the chase I will say this alone… 

 Find Christ this year, enquire, wrestle, toil, do whatever you need to do to rightly say I have found the one living God and Savior and my life has forever changed.  You can become all things in Christ power and  His permissive provision.  Be transformed to his way this year, continue to pursue God’s dreams for you as they are without a doubt the most freeing, joyful, and eternal aspirations.


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