Woe is Me

Woe is me for I am undone

Standing before the one I will call my Savior, The one in whom the final victory is won

Why me, why here, among a nation most unclean?

Why the wandering in this maze of life with an end unseen?

I have a purpose, it was lost as I entered this world with blood corrupted.

A blood tainted by generations of sin, and blood that holds evil with depths unknown.

A cursed blood and a rebellious nature, a blood that has enmity towards your throne,

Why with such evil, is there a light of revelation proceeding from Your most Holy word with glory too majestic and beautiful to be revealed?

A glory wrapped in swaddling clothes, the glory of a cross

The glory of a pure blood descended from High to pay the cost for all who are lost.

Woe is me for I am undone

How can you be coming with such humility to serve your enemy and call them daughters and sons?

Depart from me for I am unclean and dwell in the land of unclean lips.

I cannot stand here and accept such a revelation and be declared right alongside the light that no moon or darkness can eclipse.

If it is here that you must dwell who then shall you send?

For there is not a man to stand within the gap, or any righteous that when tempted will not bend.

We are pliable and fluid, we are as fickle and wandering as the wind and the raging sea

How can an issue of blood be redeemed by one, and how can by one all be set free?

For it pleased the Father to bruise the Son, for by His stripes are we healed and by His sacrifice all those divided and decimated by sin can once again be made one.

Why does such judgment have to fall on one that is so great?

Why not judge the world and create all things new, with all things in order and in line?

Why must you show grace to the fallen dust that resist all that is Holy and divine?

Woe is me for all is undone. A virgin shall bear forth a child and all things can be redeemed and made new.

Ushering in an age that was a mystery to the ages, but an age of grace where your love will reach out to the whole world and desperately pursue.

The ones like me, unclean and on course for destruction and dismay

The ones that surround me, wicked, and the ones who have just lost their way

This is my Savior, the one who says it was His great pleasure to redeem and reconcile those who have pushed Him far off

My Savior who took the nails of hatred and bore the sin of all and persisted as many mocked and scoffed.

I cannot stand before this revelation, I cannot walk within its gravity and truth

For I am but a servant, prophet, and priest

How can I be among your cherubim and angelic host when I am among the least?

But you have purified my lips with coal that is severe and sweet

You have sent your message to the stammering mouths and unsure feet.

Woe is me for am no longer who I once was before

You have taken the impurity of my life and have called me out for more!

More than what my nation could perceive, more than what I could ever fathom

More than my ability, more than what I could ever do

You have called me to greatness that is empowered by none but You!

Who then shall you send, ask no more I plea

Who else is there with such revelation of truth and freedom but me?

Send me I cry, Send me for more need to know what I have seen

A revelation of a cross an age of ultimate judgment and austerity

The revelation of a messiah, the revelation of an age of eternal peace and prosperity

. . . .

What if the revelation of God, is all I will ever need?

What if instead of trying to figure my life out I could look to the one and only incorruptible seed?

What more do we need, than a revelation or vision from above?

What are we seeking beyond the cross where we witnessed an unfathomable act of grace and love?

Woe is me for I have lost sight of what is truly holy and important to my life

Allowing the burdens that are not mine to bear to cause endless struggle and strife.

Please forgive us father, for we know not what we do or what we should cherish.

We forget that the cross stands still within our hearts proclaiming none should perish.

Purify our lips, purify mine above all as they are often unused and silent

Lips hiding a tongue untamed that is raging evil and violent

Let my mouth be purified as Isaiah’s lips were restored

Help me build the bridges my words have burnt and let my words be a light that wayfaring souls can find truth and restfully be moored.

I am undone by your revelation; I am awestruck within its all-encompassing grace

I have stood within the Holy of Holies, past the veil that was torn before my Savior face to face.

Send me I cry, send me for who else is there with such a personal encounter with grace and what is truly free

Send me as I am yours, seeking those you have sent your son to save as they cry woe is me


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