A little light

Lord I look upon my life as a map that is yet to be established and purposefully drawn out

A map with lands of great trials to come, a map with islands of solitude,

a map with desserts plagued with drought

A map unfinished as time is still unfolding its depths and directions

A map of my life, a map of reflections

Help me read this map, help me find what is hidden within its many terrains and oceans

Help me lord find my way in the lands with no sun shining, no north stars to direct my motions

I find that what is mapped out, is all working within a larger map that you hold above

A map that contains my tainted map of life, but integrates it into the most grand of all maps in love

How can my free will be exercised within what I only see as constraints in your word?

How can I explore and make an adventure of life and experience the things unseen and unheard?

I tread now in a valley, carefully mapped out as it is a land of toil and with

turns that lead to deadly snares

It is here I see the constraints perceived before are the signatures of a Holy God loving me in my valleys and demonstrating that he cares.

I find there is constraint, but viewing these as grace I see there is abounding liberty to come

As I map out the valley quickly without error and can move onto the pastures and mountains enjoying the fullness of freedom

My map of life can grow and stretch far among the many maps of other’s existence

As I have a compass, navigator, and watchman with faithfulness and graceful persistence

My map is far from finished, but I am thankful for what is now there

It is a map with many valleys but among these there is great oceans, pastures, and mountains reminding me that I was never far from Your care

Anxious to see its fullness, hopeful to see its impact on those who follow in its directions behind

Amazed to see such a beautiful map that is a light among human kind

It was not always this way, it was once a constrained fragment complex as a maze

But among this complexity came a simple but mighty compass that led me out of the pits haze

Finding lands unexplored and lands still standing without claim

The navigator then sent me out to the uncharted places and left them for me to name.

It is in the uncharted land that I realized that I now had a fervent and vigilant watchmen watching and waiting when I would wander into the pits and caves

And when I had all but given up, I would hear His still small voice directing me toward the roads that he had paved

Taking note not to wander away again from the trinity of truth and pure direction

I found that my map was being developed for others use and many were taking note of its eases and complexions

My life is but a map for those willing to search for its connection to the map above

To the map of God’s great sovereignty and unfailing love

They will not need to dig within its contents or explain its errors or shortfalls

The only need to look upon the cross, the compass that leads to the navigator that calls

It is finding the great navigator that all men and their maps will be truly set free

For This is my Savior, my light upon my feet, the one who has taken my map of reflection and has redefined me.


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