Keep What Has Been committed

The pastoral epistle of I Timothy correlates with our present time and living as the scripture relates to the church age. In this letter Paul writes to us of a coming break down of the church and charges Timothy to be wary of this coming attack and keep what has been committed in truth of the glorious gospel in 1:11. There are 5 keys principles that are throughout the epistle that are charged to Timothy and now us to keep in truth among the apostasy. They are: the Word and doctrine, the principle of keeping truth and weighing things rightly through the inspired word of God; Grace, the foundational principle of which the church is empowered and rightly led by the Spirit; Faithfulness and faith, the principle of taking on the nature of God’s faithfulness in dealing with others and staying true to the sound teachings in faith; discipleship, the principle of taking another in as a son as God accepts us as sons and daughters building us in faith and truth; and Spiritual warfare, the principle and truth of persecution of the truth and the reality of Satan’s devices against the plan of God. These 5 keys in I Timothy reveal great truth to us as we unpack them to keep what has been committed.

Keep what has been committed. Paul charges us to keep sound doctrine and the word of God (1Tim 1:3, 10, 4:6, 13, 5:17, 6:3). Apart from Truth we will run to a lie and hold the truth that is imparted to us unrighteously (Rom 1:18). We must hold to the sound teaching of the truth revealed in God’s word. Precept upon precept we learn, but as we learn we meditate and study as a workman that needeth no to be ashamed. This charge to keep sound doctrine and the word is serious and cannot be something we take lightly as the truth is what sets us free and the sound doctrine of truth keeps us from holding it within our subjective thinking and reasoning. In keeping the word pure or sound we have the key to attaining God’s heart and mind in matters of life. Apart from the truth we have the wickedness of our heart and an unguarded heart that is susceptible to attack and hardening ( Prov 4:23). Out of our heart we live life, and out of truth we find life. So if we ever stray from the sound doctrine of truth we detach ourselves from the life of Christ and all its blessing. We see in chapter 4 verse 1 that many will stray from the truth and follow the doctrines of devils, speaking lies and having their conscience seared. What can heal a seared conscience, a wounded spirit (Prov 18:14)? Apart from the word of God that can cleanse us Psa 119:9 we cannot have the adequate ground for grace, the ground for discipleship, the ground for faith, and the ground for a stand in battle against the powers of darkness. Sound doctrine and the word are foundational for the Christian as it is what builds us up in faith, grace, and endurance in trials. We need to be built upon the glorious gospel of 1:11, the cornerstone of Christ found in the scriptures in I Peter 2:6. We keep what has been committed in the word, as it allows us to fight the good warfare 1:18, and live in the exceeding abundant grace (14) counting the chief of sinners faithful to minister truth.  Stay tuned for part 2


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