Transformed to His Way

The word is all I need, The life of Christ is what I cling to and hold

It is this profound word of grace that empowers me to speak of truth and be bold

Somehow I have affected lives and turned them to look towards you

When I feel so distant and selfish in all that I do

I have affected a life with Your work in me, this I cannot explain

A life has been directed to seek You Lord and rely on Your grace to sustain

I pray for this life, for they may not always be on Your path

For it is not me that saved them, but You that spared them from the Father’s wrath

Don’t let us condemn ourselves as we are constantly caught in sin’s snare

Teach us your grace pouring out, instruct us in Your word leave nothing to spare

Give us a great hunger for Your truth it is the only thing that gives us vitality

Pull us away from our many circumstances and put us into the true reality

The reality of Your presence forever at our side

The reality that it is in our hearts that You forever abide

The reality that You love us all and deeply care

The reality that All is finished and we can rest as Christ has paid our fare

The reality that You desire to do a mighty work within

The reality that we are no longer defined by what we have done or our current sin

The reality that You provide in our many situations

The reality that You transcend our doubt and use us to reach the nations

The reality that we are valued at highest price covered by Your blood

The reality that Your grace is an ocean overflowing in our life raging as a flood

The reality that we cannot hope to attain, but instead we rest

The reality that You grow us in trials and put our lives to the test

The reality that through each trial we may come out as gold

The reality that we can stand in brokenness when our calamity unfolds

The reality that we are eternally known and seated at Your table

The reality that Your word is our support always keeping us stable

As our lives go separate ways, I pray You direct us where You will

May we live in seeking You and Your portion from the Holy spirit be our fill

Lord there is a truth that as I through you have affected one, now two can affect four

For in You God there is power to share words of life and affect more

Lord I pray for the life that has been affected by Your way in me

May the life they saw be emanating in theirs also for all to see

Bless their way and nourish all friendships that arise

Rebuke the evil against them now and lift the veil from their eyes

May they see you more as I am seeing You more each day

Continue Your work in us oh God and may we be transformed to Your way


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