Beloved: A Letter from God

This is written to you, as you are My beloved eternally on My mind

Amidst your corruption, a total affront to my nature, in you there is not one spot I find

you are the apple of my eye, my finest workmanship and forever mine

you work so hard for my love  even when you are promised a great love, the most divine

I see your trouble, I see all your afflictions

If you could just for a moment look towards me, you would be free from guilt and your judgmental convictions

I Am that I Am eternally faithful at your side

Although many times you believe I have forsaken you, I dwell in your heart where I forever abide

I knock at its door to save you out of your world, your perception and your prison that the enemy has created

I sent the most perfect sacrifice of my Son, on the cross my desire for your freedom was translated

I Am. in need of none of your work,your talents, or your earthly treasure

I gave all those things to you freely so you may be filled with My grace beyond measure


Lord I read your word, a love letter addressed to me

But you don’t relate to my sin as I do, I am shortsighted and hardly free

I acknowledge Your love Lord, but its depths I cannot hope to hold

Lord consider me no more,I am unworthy of this love, I have so many times forsaken it and my heart is so easily sold

I cannot hope to reach you oh God, although Your truth says its settled and done

Lord in my heart there is  oceans of apathy and rejection of Your Son

I hear this letter and cannot help but question in disbelief

among this wave of doubt I am feeling called to this love you speak of and beginning to hope again in my grief

I pray now, for this letter to be received for it is needful that I may grow

For in my capacity I am incapable to understand it, be secure and know

That the love towards me is divinely given and accepted

Lord it must be more than a choice, more than a gift, eternally sealed and protected

Oh Lord here I go again, my world it is troubled plagued in my strife. . .

He answers, Your world means to much to you, I am God let me reign in your life

I hear your prayers I long and cherish for your presence before My throne

For you are my son, greatly beloved, bought with the highest price adopted as family, not as a slave to own

If you only knew the depths of My grace, My unfailing,unconditional love towards thee

What miracles you would witness and what marvelous works and Identity you would have in Me

you are free, the price is paid, but you constantly cling to old chains

You are the object of My love, I see nothing apart from My Holy blood flowing in your veins

I have given you My all, My most precious, from you I ask the same

but the price has been reduced by My blood as it is finished, accept my life  more abundant and give your life of sin and shame

I am and will be here bearing forth My arm to take your sin’s abuse

My provision is waiting. forever yearning for your use

There is so much in store for you. here in heaven and on earth

I have known you before your existence, before your family tree, before your birth

I perceive you in love and grace is all I continue to pour

For I am your God, I change not, I will love you _______________ forever more.

For I am God, I change not, I love you Forever more


Chad Brockmeyer





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