Praying for a call:Preparing a work in our hearts before the work

Just spent the evening with missionaries from India and listened to their life testimony of the ministry. I love a comment that was integral to their testimony related to prayer. He said ” I prayed for the ministry 16 years and the ministry was already prepared for my portion by the time I arrived”.  He did not pray for his call, he just prayed for the people around the world, some familiar, some completely unfamiliar.  It ended up he was called to the ones he thought would be out of his reach,outside of his prayers.  Prayer prepared his work!  It is so clear that we must prayer for the heart of ministry before any ministry can be done. We(Christians) cannot find our call,serve in a ministry within God’s will without first consulting to prayer.  Prayer is so underestimated and undermined by works.  It is sickening to know many ministries are powerless because they do not pray, it may seem dramatic to state, but it’s true.  Ministry, works of love, and preaching is powerless and useless if it is not brought first before our God in prayer. I feel the need to quote scripture in this post, but I would say just take the Bible as a whole and see all the works in the OT and NT. All things were done through God,Through the Son, and Through the Holy Spirit. All things are done by God, so we must first ask if we ever wish to receive from God or pour out into others!  With that said, we must see in psalms that the one after God’s own heart communicated, meditated, and lamented to God constantly. Pray without ceasing as the troubles will never cease, We are powerless without God’s hand and His peace.  I encourage all you who read this to devote a moment after reading this to prayer. Don’t wait, just go to your knees in submission to God and pray for your ministry, pray for souls to be saved, pray for lives to be changed, pray for troubles to cease, pray for comfort, and pray for God to be ever closer to you.  We can only receive things from God when the spirit is overcoming the flesh, we can only pour out life if we are first receiving life from God, and we can only be renewed by the sanctifying power of the resurrection. All these things are unlocked and accessed instantly through fervent prayer.  God is calling so many to follow his way, oh the call is echoing but few will pray. Win this life on you knees, reach others on your knees, overcome everything life has thrown at you on your knees. Pray…


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