Truth is only a Mustard Seed away from Realization

It is So amazing that today we see a mighty work of God all through the world, and we look in His word and see an exciting and powerful beginning.  All throughout Jesus’s ministry and the Apostle’s I see a recurring power and mighty unexplained works being performed.  My thought is this: why do I limit a God of power and mighty Glory?  I  am constantly charged to ask of God, for great and minuscule things yet I constantly think that it is not God’s will to help me in HIS ministry to the world.  No one in the Bible other than God himself was qualified to do the miracles, the works, and the whole of the law; so why am I not asking for help in something that I cannot hope to ever do?  It states in Acts 2 that the church multiplied daily as it still is (as many are ministering and God is working mightily through them).  Here I am questioning if God is even working in me some days, as His church is multiplying all around me.  I am reminded today that God works through me I don’t work through God.  I can’t do anything apart from what God does, I can’t change my attitude,my mind,and my actions apart from God. Although I can choose to do these things, I cannot perform these works. God can.  It is so dangerous to serve God in my own capacity as it portrays a flawed image of God’s ministry to the world.  Only God can come through BIG and do BIG things through my small capacity. (II Cor 12:10,13:9,Joel 3:10) I am simply a variable in an exponential equation of God’s work, but apart from His equation I am just a defined and limited number among many. I love Joel 3:10 as it is charging me to just use what I have and God will be glorified in Power for when I am weak I can say I am strong.  I need words like these daily reverberating in my mind and proceeding out my mouth as a proclamation that GOD takes some one as  weak and worthless as I and makes it GREAT!  What a ministry I would have if this was true in my heart,mind and soul as God would be glorified and great and powerful works would be a reality  the majority of my year.  Truth is only a mustard seed away from realization. that’s right it isn’t a matter of capacity,knowledge, or willpower in Christ it is a matter of FAITH in Christ to provide all these liberally(James 1:5).  I am realizing the dead faith spoken of and often misquoted from James isn’t a matter of works at all.  There is nothing I do that gives me faith, it is what I do in faith that gives me faith. Peter walked out on the water IN FAITH, the apostles followed and ministered Jesus IN FAITH, Paul ministered Christ IN FAITH.  The church is not lacking a program, works of love, or spiritual gifts. It is lacking FAITH.  I don’t live a victorious life daily because I don’t daily have the faith to, I don’t have fruitful ministry all the time because I don’t have the faith to have one, and I don’t have my confidence and strength in Christ because I don’t have faith to.  I need more faith, I need to choose to have more faith and truly believe what I read in God’s word can happen in my life and my time. This thought has just inspired a short poem So I will post that too.



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