Why Do we Doubt a Faithful God

Why do we Doubt a Faithful God?

Chad Brockmeyer

My Story for 2010-2014(Concise Version)

Right out of High School I was on a mission to equip myself for missions and be in a place where I could help others.  My plan as it stood was to go through college (Engineering Associates & Business Bachelor’s) get a career (to support myself) then be available to go on mission and serve others.  Reading this you already should see an issue in my plan.  God’s purpose is at the end not all throughout it.  Suffice to say God intruded my plan.  Starting from October of 2010 God was giving clear hints that my plan was not alright, but commitment kept me “on course” it wasn’t until I failed a full semester, changed a major and started putting myself into debt to the school did I truly see God was not going to have a part in my plan.  God placed doubt into my life and I had to change, but I instead doubted God.  Fortunately faith finally came (God is Good) and I was clearly directed to pursue God here in Baltimore, but God gave me a time I had to wait (fall of 2013).  My waiting period was blessed so much, so much so that I began to doubt God’s guidance to Baltimore.  My blessing’s seemed to become a curse as I was stuck in between a good thing and God’s guidance.  I was offered a full-time(50-60k) benefitted job that would have persisted for at least 5 years, an opportunity to be in a church plant team at UMKC(the school I attended), an opportunity to work in Taiwan for 3 months(Jan-Mar 2014), and a promising future with an MBA.  All these were amazing things, but God, no matter how great the opportunity, was constantly affirming His guidance here, and so I came.


Who in the Bible doubted God? What is doubt?


Mat 14:30-31

  • Peter was known for being bold in faith before Pentecost and after, but consistently was charged with doubt.(Miracle of the Fish and Bread, walking on water,and Denial of Christ 3 times)
  • He walked on water with Christ but FEAR found a place in his heart producing doubt
  • Jesus charged peter with doubt and lack of faith, but it was definitely fear that produced these things
  • Prov 3:25-26 says don’t be afraid by a sudden fear because the Lord will keep us from being taken(just like Jesus kept Peter from drowning)
  • Jesus asked a question that should just shake your bones at the thought of it.

“Wherefore didst thou doubt?” V. 31

  • Where do we doubt in our fear of anything other than God.

o   Our Past and its effects ,Present situation, and Future  (doubting God’s faithfulness)

o   Our Provision, purpose, and calling (doubting God’s teaching’s, Provision and The hope of Heaven)

o   Our relationships with others or our image before others ( doubting our New Identity in Christ)

  • Fear into doubt in all its forms produces a falling effect for us.  In doubt we will jump out of God’s pocket as Schaller put it last Sunday in being puffed up.  Doubt is a pride within an unhealthy fear.

Living in Doubt will destroy You.

  • We know pride comes before a fall and doubt is no different
  • My doubt of God’s direction had a cost that I will continue to pay for awhile
  • My doubt also created a state of instability in my life
  • James 1:8 says A double-minded man will be unstable in all of his ways.
  • We have to be focused and set on Christ, so we must hold onto the promises of God in faith

Faith the remedy of doubt

  • Christ consistently reminds us that faith is key to living a spirit filled life that is adding like we recently heard this week from II Peter 3-8
  • Within this same passage we see a charge to hold onto the promises of God and see that by these we can be partakers of divine nature
  • In faith we need direct our fear towards God and walk in His promises in faith.  You will with no doubt live a life in confidence and power.  In this life we will redirect our doubts to the world and what it tries to scare us with.
  • It was Faith that allowed me to move on in God’s plan and it will continue to be faith that carries me on.

Promises from God

  • (Prayer) Matt 7:7-11, Jer 33:3, Psalms 66:20
  • (Confidence) Psalms 18:32-33,Joshua 1:9, II Cor 12:9-10
  • (For Depression)Lam 3:24, Psa 71:19-21, Psa 42:6-11
  • (Faithfulness of God) Lam 3:22-23, I Thess 5:23-24, II Thess 3:3
  • (For Provision) Ph 4:19, II Cor 9:8, Psa 37:25, Psa 84:11, Matt 6:25-34
  • (Guidance) Psa 32:8, Prov 3:5-6, Psa 119:105, Psa 73:24, James 1:5
  • (Hope)  Rom 15:13, Psa 42:11, Rom 12:12, , I Cor 15:53-58
  • (Peace) John 16:33, Phil 4:6-7, I Cor 15:53-58

Hebrews 12:1-2a

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher  of our faith…”


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