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Thoughts on: If everyone is Special no one is…

This saying or mindset of special being exclusive is a lie that has been bothering me for some time. Just thinking of Jesus; the truly inclusive human born of a virgin, fully God, Fully man, and set apart for a divine sacrifice on the cross for us, I see there is something very special in the love expressed to us by God.(Ephesians 3:16-21)A love(Agape) with loving-kindness(Hesed) that makes each and every one of us set apart, Holy, and sanctified if we with our volition choose Him as we were chosen  to be objects of His love.  (1 John 4:19). It is easy after our salvation to have our unique call, purpose and divine love and grace towards us stolen away by lies of the world and the Prince of the air (Ephesians 2).  We are quickened by God, made alive through His power and sanctified for His purpose.  The call to be Holy as He is Holy in (1 Peter  1:15-16) and also in (Leviticus 20:7-8,26) is amazing as we IN Christ are Holy, set apart, and sanctified of His Spirit.  Each and every believer is special, but this does not compromise our value before God and our call as the world tries to tell us.  In sharing God’s love, I have heard so many dismiss the profound, ground shaking truth that they are loved by God.  Why has this truth been weakened, why is it not turning lives inside out?  I believe that I, in my flesh, choose to believe this great lie that I am just being a cog in a clock, keeping the gospel running, but ultimately replaceable (Psalms 40:5, 94:19, 139:23) God of heaven has innumerable thoughts toward us, he knows our heart and comforts our soul.  Where in this is there an idea that we are just a part of a machine, where in His word does it say we are not valued, sought after, and loved.(Job 7:17, Psalms 8:4,144:3) Our soul is precious before God, and through us God miraculously is glorified.  Our individual walk with Christ is so threatened, the word of God must dwell in us richly (Colossians 3:16) if we are to proclaim His love in truth.  The answer to why lives are not being transformed by the simple but profound statement that God loves us is because we believe that we are not set apart any more than the believer next to us.  We have come to believe that we are living an original life, a typical walk, and have a typical call.  The love is the same, the call is the same, but the person carrying it is fearfully and wonderfully made by God ( Psalms 139:14). Therefore the love and the call is fearfully and wonderfully received and carried out.  There is only one of you in this world, the relationship you have with Christ is precious in His sight, the labor and work you do in His Spirit is unique to your life. Don’t dismiss your calling thinking that anyone can fulfill it. No matter what you are doing, IN Christ it will be done in a way that only you can do.  Who are we to think that we do not have a call as unique as the apostles or even as Christ Himself.  Realize that only Christ could fill the gap and save us, Only Paul and Barnabas could minister to the gentiles the way they did, and only John could receive revelation from God the way he did in writing revelations.  Where in any account of the lives of men and women of God, and even men and women opposed to God do we see a flaw in the divine plan of God? (Romans 8:28) Each and every part of our world is divinely in place even the evil; nothing slips by God’s omniscience. Being loved by God as a believer, all things work together for ultimate good, our lives our meant to be spent on the treasures of heaven, the riches of God, and the wisdom of God.  These things are more precious than gold tried in fire (1 Peter 1:7) and our unique call and trial of our faith should not be dismissed anymore by the petty lies of this world.  Take your cross because only you can take it and carry it to the pinnacle of God’s purpose for you.

Just thinking of how it pleased the Father to bruise the Son in Isaiah 53, I have come to realize it wasn’t in the sacrifice, it wasn’t in the labor alone, but it was in the love carried in the travailing of the soul that has Justified us before God and frees us to serve in love and live in grace.  Nothing is mundane before our God, every detail jot and tittle is accounted for and considered.  Follow Christ in an identity set apart from all others, in a call set apart for your laboring, and in a portion of grace that only you will receive.   Live Life as Jesus did, secure in His identity from the Father, set in His love towards others, and intentional in His relationship with His Father.  The new life is within all those that have believed, and in this new life from the Spirit do we find a life truly fulfilled and lived out holy before God.


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