Psalm 86:10

Psalms 86:10

For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone.

My Worship

Great God Almighty, how great are thy works

They testify of your power and root out all evil where it lurks

Great God Almighty, wondrous are your ways

Your light goes before me you lead me all my days

Great God almighty your wisdom none can fathom with the mind

For your knowledge leads us towards love and your wisdom of grace is kind

Great God almighty you are God alone

A new heart you have given, a heart of flesh for my heart of stone

Great God Almighty, words fall short of exclaiming

an endless soliloquy of your beauty and a love that is never waning

Great God Almighty teaching me,instructing me, keeping me on a perfect path

Though I may stumble and fall, your outflowing mercy and grace is the aftermath

Great God Almighty above all that may exalt itself on high

Great God Almighty to you will I draw nigh

My Wonder

May I never lose the wonder, the wonder of your way

It keeps my heart inclined to worship, it restrains my sinful stray

May I only worship You, in your presence may I sing

Of the knowledge of your resurrection power and fellowship with your suffering

May I diligently seek you, for my life is ever on display

Keep those who observe me from failing of your grace

To think my ways are watched, Lord please don’t let anyone be deceived

The good they see me doing is only out of what I have received

Faith is what I need as I take a step off the edge

Towards those whom I love and  to You whom my life is pledged

Help me lay down my life before your throne as I go explore

The wonderful world you have created and enter into other’s lives that you adore

Just a perspective, a glimpse of what you see on high

For my faith is weak, and my message is distorted to a lie

Purify my lips as I dwell in the land of the unclean

To your word and imparted purity, Lord to this I cling

My Life

Lord my life is bought; to you my life is laid

For your Son exclaimed “it is Finished” forever my price is paid

May I live worthy of your calling as I am just an earthen vessel of flesh and bone

May your breathe of life sweep into my dry valley and change my heart of stone

The stone,it was rolled away  to reveal your empty tomb

But lord now my life is dead and I need a new life to be exhumed

To live is Christ and to die is gain let this be my life’s lasting cry

As I weep over the friends and family who have been deceived by Satan’s lie

On my knees Lord, let this be where my battles are led

And your living word, burning in my bones, by this I’m fed

Let me know no man by the flesh, for we all fail, and fall short of expectation

Lord in my judgmental state will I destroy and throw others into damnation

Don’t let this be! for their hearts I truly care

May your love dwell richly in my life and grace be what I share

Great Almighty God, Lord of Lords and King of Kings

My worship, my wonder, and my life to You I devote these things


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