Oceans of Apathy

Order my steps before you let them be directed

Keep my prayers before thee and my heart Father, perfect it

In the darkest depth of my life your rod it comforts me

For your line of grace and hook of love saves me from the death in this sea

Out of drowning in the ocean of shame and despair

My spots, my depravity from the darkness, I cannot stomach, leave me in the depths that’s my prayer

No you cry as you pull me into the depths of light

Your spots are precious to me; you are beautiful in my sight

I break the surface into the open air, it is then I see a man

Bruised, broken, almost grotesque holding out his hand

He then speaks and says by my wounds you are justified by my bruises you are made free

It is then the fisherman is transfigured right before me.

The light so great, the glory words cannot explain

But now I know this fisherman has not caught me up in vain

Because in this display of glorious light

My spots reflect spectrums of color my depravity is turned to might

In this display of strength, and glory oh how I long to have stayed there

But a wave has come upon me and the current has become my snare

I am once again in the ocean, in its darkest depths and plans

In desperation I grab all the hooks in hope I will meet that man

Left and right I am lost my moment of rapture it has passed me by

It is then I hear it a still small voice and a distinct cry

Qualified, finished, for you that display was done

So that this ocean will be lit by my glory and you hold onto your salvation

I in my doubt and fear this voice is a lie

For in this darkness the hooks are not made in love but made so that I will die

Destruction surely is my path I cannot avoid these hooks as I can’t see them

The voice then cries let your light shine, let it lead you back to Him

If this is you, I have no light apart from what you presented

The voice then declares that was the past my light is eternally cemented

In the facets of your spots in the deepness of your depraved soul

My light is made perfect as it is my secret place that you may be made whole


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