Enlarge My Heart

Lord Enlarge my heart till it is bursting at the seams

Help me care for others, be the initiator of my faith dreams

Don’t let me be wrapped up in the cares and snares of this life

Lift your banner of freedom high triumphant over all strife

Stretch me, teach me, be everything, beseech me

The hard questions, the long answers, the endless songs

Keep enlarging my heart, keep me growing strong

Help me be a student a hearer of your word

Help me not just receive but given to those who haven’t heard

Enlarge my heart keep me in your presence forever

Singing songs and praises, Lord this relationship none can sever

Me at your feet, You on your throne

Imparting righteousness to me and my sins atoned

Enlarge my heart to the extent to where I trust

That your Word is sharper and your grace is just

Lord enlarge my heart for those out of reach

Send your body out and your grace and truth be what they teach

Lord I’m a leech, to You I cling

Enlarge my heart to where it is solely Your song that I sing

Enlarge my heart for it is You I love

Because of this the world is what I’m thinking of

The middle east where they are so mislead

Lord, these people I pray your love to be acknowledged

Asia, their minds being emptied for a knowledge they will never know

Lord enlarge my heart so your truth and wisdom is what I show

Europe,Africa, those that remain

Enlarge my heart Lord with a love that will sustain

As they put grace away as a picture of the past

Oh it’s Your grace and heart that will outlast

Enlarge my heart it is an endless plea

Because out my heart no love will flow naturally

Enlarge my heart it is a helpless plea

For out of my heart is spite and degeneracy

Enlarge my heart Lord it is what I cherish

For I know without Your heart this whole world would have perished


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