Caught up In His Grace

So caught up in Your Grace God I can feel it
When I read in your pages I’m saved and you spirit has sealed it
Lord keep me near it, don’t let me fear it
Keep me walking in the faith that allows me to hear it
It is Your grace that wakes me in the morning and evening
It is Your grace that keeps me breathing
Oh to look upon my sin with mercy
The thought of how you do that daily hurts me
The filth the wrath, all that I have done wrong
You tell me in your word it is finished I have new song
Lord can it be that I’m completely forgiven
Even when my lies, lust, and pride stays persistent
I want to know how to live a life full of Your grace
If not full of it Lord, please just give me a taste
Just like a great meal cooking down the hall
The smell brings joy and I feel a call
But instead of carnal food and a carnal table
I find myself at Your feet secure and stable
Keep me caught up in Your grace as my flesh restrains,
The grace that is stored in heaven for me proclaiming Jesus reigns
Oh Lord how I could write of your grace in endless psalms
Keep me at your throne head down with uplifted palms.
So caught up in your grace I don’t want to leave
But Your spirit is ringing and I have a call to receive
I hear it in Your word Go and tell the world of this scandalous grace
Don’t let a soul turn away, don’t neglect one face
I see this set before me and I feel unashamed and unfit to do it all
But thank God it is finished I just have to answer the call
Thank you God it is finished I will answer the call.Image


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