Budapest Update (after eurocon)

It was such a blessing to go to Budapest, Hungary and attend Eurocon.  Words cannot describe the value of such a conference and the experience to see the extended body of Christ.I would recommend more of our body to come next year as its worth is greater than gold.  There was around 1400 brothers and sisters in Christ from 40 different countries.  Beyond the numbers there was an amazing body in Budapest all gathered to celebrate the grace of our Great God and Savior.  The theme of the conference was the Glory of His Grace and all throughout the week we had paramount messages being shared from pastors from all over the map.  It was so great to wake every day and almost immediately be walking in the mind of Christ. There was an amazing anointing over the city and the presence of God was a felt reality throughout the week.  I was able to connect with the Ukrainian church more at conference, as a vast majority of the body there was able to come.  To see such a broken nation have such beautiful believer’s full of joy, was a blessing to see.  The conflict has actually been uniting the Ukrainian church more with the Russian churches and the conference ended with them praying together for the conflict to result in God’s glory and not one nation over another.  I also spent a good amount of time with the church from Moscow. Vyusal(young man about my age) is an amazing believer that attended MBC&S in the fall and is helping the work in Moscow grow (please pray for this church as they are still a developing work in a very rough environment and in the middle of crazy  world politics).  With all these great connections, I was able to work with the Hungarian church in outreach and get to know the work going on in Budapest, Cyprus, Turkey, and Romania.  We serve a great and powerful God and things like these conferences only help give a better scope of how big He truly is.  Our eyes are so narrow in our lives and it takes God’s grace to open our eyes to see the broad vast freedom in Him and His message.  It is amazing to think all throughout the year these churches preached the gospel, had the spirit speak to them through God’s word the same way He speaks to us.  To hear story after story, testimony after testimony of how God’s grace being sufficient is something I need to hear more often.  In all this I knew that walking with Christ gives me such an amazing capacity and connection with His church.  There is no air between believers who keep focus on Christ; this was mentioned in a workshop.  To know Satan as the prince of the air, and also to know it is us that can determine where “air” is between others in relationship is a powerful thought.  In Christ we can stand side by side, stone on stone with each other and give no air for Satan to play with, this is the power of the united body of Christ.  We can have airtight local churches filled with the spirit and preaching the message of truth and Satan cannot touch it! We can be “pearl thinkers” (love that illustration) and come out of the wilderness with strength and Holy Spirit power. It is amazing to know I have an airtight body in KC, and it is so amazing to know God has so much more in store for us as a body and for me personally as I pursue Him in Bible College.  I appreciate the prayers so much, and I cannot express how thankful I am for your support of me.  More and more I am learning what it is to be a disciple, an adopted son, a part of the Holy priesthood and to be loved by God.  We pray for you all in KC here in Baltimore and I am looking forward to May when I will be visiting home and the family at HBC.  To sum up Budapest, I would say it is like being Mary at Jesus’s feet in Luke 10:42, it is that needful good part, which will not be taken away.

With Love and prayer,

Chad Brockmeyer


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